Higher Education and Researchers

We welcome groups of university students from different disciplines, who find there is much of relevance to them - whether history, geography and urban studies, anthropology, art and architecture, museum and heritage studies.

In the past few years, groups from Durham, York, Sheffield and other universities have visited. We welcome scholars and researchers from many parts of the world.

Some Resources

The Museum has a collection of original letters relating to Cook - correspondence between Cook and Captains Walker and Hammond, and between Joseph Banks, J.R. Forster and the widowed Elizabeth Cook with the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Sandwich. The most important of these are on display.

The Museum has an important collection of antiquarian travel books collected by the late Sir Robert Clark and generously donated to the museum. Some are on temporary display, and access is granted to bona fide scholars by special appointment. For conservation reasons and the availability of staff, access may be limited.

Contact our Operations Manager, tel. 01947 601900 or email info@cookmuseumwhitby.co.uk, to discuss your interests.

Our large collection of botanical prints, Joseph Banks’ Florilegium, is a wonderful source of botanical and historical interest. Research relating to individual plants is on-going. View Our Floregium Collection