Intrigued to find more about the plants in our Banks’ Florilegium collection of botanical prints, we have initiated a project which calls upon people to take a closer look at them. ‘Travels with my Plant’ creates a fresh take on the history of plants, linking the ideas of exploration, cross-continental trading and development of plants by focussing on their ‘journey’ from original habitat and location to wherever they are now found.

In these investigations, we are building up knowledge about the collection by taking a plant and researching its ‘biographical journey’ through history and across the world, transforming the plants from historically collected specimens into living species with lives and travels of their own.

You can find some of these fascinating journeys here but for reasons of space the selection is relatively brief and full copies are available in the Museum Library for those interested.

If you have an interest in plants, enjoy researching and would like to get involved in developing the story of a plant through time, contact our Collections Outreach Officer on

Take a look at some 'Travels with my Plant' stories (PDF)