What our visitors say

We invite visitors, in particular overseas visitors, to sign our Visitors Book.

Our visitors come from every corner of the world - Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Ukraine, South America, as well as Europe, North America and Australasia, not to mention passing yachts (Yacht Andros Stormbound - "fascinating museum", Pilgrim of Solent - "Cook an inspiration!")

Sunshine Coast, Australia - Bloody marvellous! Worth the trip!

Cleethorpes, Lincs - A treat for our Kiwi friends

Mobile, Al. USA - What a life he had - tell Steven Spielberg to make a movie about it!

Slovakia - Thank you for the great experience!

Murrays Bay, Ak., NZ - Wonderful, brings history to life

Schiedam, Holland - Wonderful authentic atmosphere and interesting displays

Puerto Rico - A great job in keeping the history of Cook alive

Bronte, NSW, Australia - A Great Yorkshireman. Thanks to James Cook for his energy and enthusiasm. He opened up a wonderful country in which to live

Raratonga, Cook Islands - Fulfilment of a lifetime, 'Kia manuia' (wishing you well)

Antwerp, Belgium - Hommage à Cook! Formidable!

Mexico - Whitby stole my heart!

Ontario, Canada - A must see! Awesome!

Germany - Wir hatten eine wunderwolle, sehr interessante und sehr humorvolle Führung. Vielen Dank Für dies Erlebnis

And there are lovely comments from children - Here are two of our favourites
You learn more history here than in school! (Tom aged 8)

I liked the thing where you looked through the eye in the attic. (Alex aged 7)

Visitors from the media said:

Yorkshire Post - "Whitby is full of character with its small streets, Abbey, Captain Cook Museum ..."

Northern Echo - "The Museum is an oasis of calm, especially the small courtyard garden overlooking the harbour".

Sir David Attenborough - Commenting for the Art Fund on our purchase of 'Resolution in a Stream of Pack Ice' by William Hodges, Sir David Attenborough said: "This striking watercolour exudes the chill of the Antarctic air and captures the low raking light of the far southern hemisphere beautifully."

BBC Radio - 100 Places that made Britain - nominated by Professor Glyndwr Williams for programme by David Musgrove, and published as a book, 'where you can understand what drove Captain Cook on his global explorations'

Visit England Judges 2013 - A unique and delightful experience when visiting this little 'gem' the atmosphere is immediately created in the inner courtyard and does not leave you until you eventually exit back into the street . . . . knowledgeable enthusiastic staff ensure that visitors receive a very special experience. This is a must-see Museum

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