We are Re-opening on the 17th May

Book online now for priority access.

Access is limited to 6 persons per quarter hour and to a maximum of 30 visitors in the Museum at any one time.

These arrangements are for your protection and to follow the conditions laid down in the Government's Roadmap for Stage 3.

We are encouraging visitors to book in advance to avoid any queueing.


Some of the measures set out below may be clearly visible to you from the moment you arrive, and others require consideration from visitors to help ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit!

Book online if you can

(link at foot of page)

  • Daily 10am - 5pm (last booked slot 3.45pm)

  • Book for a specific quarter hour slot

  • 1 hour visits

  • One party of up to six per floor at a time

  • 15 minutes per floor

Admission Prices

Adult           £7.00

Children free - up to age 16

Free entry for children is a major departure for us and should benefit families. 

You may also order items from the shop (and avoid handling) when booking your ticket using the booking link at the foot of the page.  Your purchases will be ready for you on arrival.

The Captain’s Rules!

Visitors are asked to consider that they are under the discipline of the Royal Navy!  When the ship’s bell rings, please move with your bubble promptly to the next floor.  We have a beautiful house with one main staircase so this allows movement around without too much inconvenience.  We ask everyone to cooperate in the interests of all.

Arrive on time. Tickets are booked for entering at a specific quarter hour slot. If people arrive very late we may have to refuse entry.  You will have missed the boat! So come a little early and enjoy the courtyard, the garden and the view.

To make the social distancing work and ensure a smooth flow through the Museum, we reserve the right to make occasional adjustments. We must also respond to the Government's tweaks to their guidance as may occur from time to time.

Our Address

Grape Lane, Whitby YO22 4BA.  Tel. 01947 601900

Additional precautions

Covid 19 training for all staff and volunteers

Hygiene Screen

Personal Protective Equipment for staff and volunteers

Enhanced cleaning throughout day

Deep cleaning daily

Hygiene stations and hand sanitizer dispensers

Limited shop purchases online

We much look forward to welcoming you back!

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