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Adult and Group Tours

Join our experienced Museum guides as they escort you through our beautiful grade 1 listed building built in 1688

See where James Cook studied as an apprentice sailor (1746 – 1755)

Learn more about his early background, life sailing Whitby merchant vessels, adventures with the Royal Navy and his three famous voyages of discovery

ICE! Exploring the Far South - Special Exhibition for 2023

This year's Special Exhibition marks the 250th anniversary of the first crossing of the Antarctic Circle in 1773.

250 years ago, Captain Cook with two ships, Resolution and Adventure, crossed the Antarctic Circle for the first time during his second voyage of exploration. What was the aim of the voyage? The answer has much to do with geographical curiosity about those regions which still formed a blank area on the map. Most importantly, was there a great ‘unknown southern continent’ waiting to be discovered?


£8.50 per head

Essential Information

  • Tour of the Museum

  • Experienced tour guides

  • Plan on 2 hours

  • Dedicated education room: induction loop system and wheelchair access

  • Place to leave bags, toilet facilities

  • Wheelchair access to first floor; DVD guide to upper floors

Adult and Group Tours and Information
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