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Outreach and Communities

We offer outreach sessions on request as a pre-visit for local schools that have made a confirmed booking

Sessions are tailored to the needs of school staff, pupils and curriculum to suit a visit or virtual

We continue to develop a range of outreach activities including:

  • Residential Home visits

  • Health and Wellbeing in the community

  • Museum related activities in local schools (2021 botanical garden)

  • Work with local stitch, embroidery and knitting groups

Contact our Learning Officer:

Learn with our Collection

Favourite objects from the Museum have been selected by volunteers and are available on the links below:

  • Whitby’s Alum Works

  • Resolution in Pack Ice

  • Elizabeth Cook

  • Hard Tack and Square Plates

  • Beautiful 18th Watering Can

  • Cat O’Nine Tails

  • Polynesian Stick Chart

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