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The Museum has original letters, both from Cook and others, telling parts of the story. They include a note written by King George III expressing his regret at the news of Cook's death.

Important correspondence from Lord Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty, who was closely involved in preparations for the Second and Third voyages, throws an intriguing light on relations between the Royal Navy and civilians on such voyages.

Sandwich also agreed that Cook should write the official account of the Second Voyage, rather than Johann Reinhold Forster, the man of science. Forster was very cross!

Detail of the deck and rigging on HMS Resolution Model
Detail - Model of HMS Resolution

The Museum has some superb models of Cook's ships. These were all Whitby-built collier barks, sturdy and reliable, built to service the coal trade. They were capacious and an extra deck could be inserted in order to carry a far larger crew, together with stores for up to two years.

As well as a material relating to Captain Cook and those who sailed with him on the voyages – we don’t forget his wife Elizabeth and those who stayed at home!

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